Mon 2016-05-30

Day NUM = 2 Location: Journeys, Day number = 2

Play Tonight at Journeys, 2236 N 91st Plaza: First Session - 7:00pm; Second Session - 10:00pm


As of 28 May 2016

Qualifying Term 16-1: 01 MAR 2016 - 30 JUN 2016

After 146 Sessions, 188 Players have earned their share of 446,415 Points
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Thomas Parker, WebMaster
4 Kings Omaha
30 September 2012

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Sunday - Harold's Bar - 6:00 | 9:00pm

Monday - Journeys - 7:00 | 10:00pm

Tuesay - Goldeez - 7:00 | 10:00pm

Wednesday - Journeys - 7:00 | 10:00pm

Thursday - Grant Street - 7:00 | 10:00pm


Saturday - V.F.W. 247 - 6:00 | 9:00pm

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Thank You 4 Kings!!

We thank all of you who played in the benefit tourney SAT 28 MAY 2016. We sincerely appreciate the money you have granted us and recognize it as acknowledgement of our service to you, the 4KingsOmaha Family. We wish Mike the best as he departs and look forward to working with Mr. Michael Becker as he assumes the administrator's role here. We also look forward to continuing to serve you in the months and years to come.

Bartender Christine &
Kitchen Guy Tom

Final 8 players, Points Tourney
at Goldeez 03 APR 2016

Welcome to 4 Kings Omaha Poker!!

Ashley & Oliver

FaceBook Post SUN 2015-06-28

Tonight has proved that, once again, I am truly blessed to be a part of a group that I consider family. We had a benefit poker tournament for this adorable little angel, Oliver, and his parents, Michelle Kilgallon and Todd Siebe. Thank you to Michael Sikora, 4 Kings Poker, and VFW Post 247 for allowing us to have this tournament and always helping in the good times, and bad. And thank you to my mama, Dawyn Boettcher, for donating, making cupcakes, and always supporting and helping, no matter what adventure I decide to tackle; and my dad, Gary Boettcher, for keeping the wild ones (Kayden and Joshua) while we were gone. And as always, my husband, Jeremy Jantzi, for always being by my side. I cannot truly express my appreciation for everyone that came out and played, bought raffle tickets, and donated money for this new little life. With your help, we raised $648!! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!

Ashley Jantzi

I would like to personally thank the great volunteers of the VFW. Arnie who greets you and get's you your drink. Christine who comes in to relieve Arnie and keeps the ball rolling. Thomas H. Parker who cooks your meal, your web master and the winner of the 50/50. Thomas H. Parker won 80.00 dollars and donated it back to Oliver. I asked Thomas H. Parker (who is on a fixed income) why he did this and he said, "I just wanted to be a part of everything." Folks this makes me feel great that he loves the cause, the people and the excitement. But in the same way I feel that we can do better to show these volunteers that they are as important as the benefit we hold. Week in and week out we walk in there and count on them to provide us with an experience. I ask all please visit this VFW and make sure you thank them for what they do and give them the tip that all volenteer's should get. Thank you all again and hope to see you all at the next benefit at the VFW on July 25th at 5pm on 33rd and leavenworth where we will be giving 25% to the VFW, 25% to the web site, 25% to the volunteers as a bonus and 25% will be paid out. July is our celebration of our independence, My birthday and I would like to celebrate in style by helping my favorite site with my favorite people, them and you. Let's repeat and knock this out of the park. Again, thank you and thank the VFW.

Mike Sikora

Mike Sikora
Game Admin

FaceBook Post SUN 2015-04-26

Well 4king's thump yourself in the chest ... We as a league stepped up and made a new record ... According to sources we as a team of Nebraska Stampede and 4 kings poker and the VFW located on 33rd and Leavenworth stepped up and raised $1,500.00...It my pleasure to say, "thank you" ... We had total support from so many individuals that forgive me for not listing all ... Tom Kane took over downstairs, with a total of 7 FULL tables and a lot of raffles brought by the Nebraska Stampede and donations from Sandy of Dave and Sandy's karaoke that play every Friday night at the VFW and Colette Hanika who donated some fun items and also ran 50/50 and great cooking from Thomas H. Parker and Sean ... My special thanks to the bartenders Jack, Arnie and Christine for their struggle and effort to keep everyone happy and very little wait for a busy bar ... Please remember to stop by and have a drink and some food anytime they are open and give them a personal thank you ... They are volunteers and are only paid by what you leave them ... We play every Saturday at 6pm and 9pm except the last Saturday of every month when we have a benefit for some deserving group or individual ... Stop by and have fun ... Again Thank you all and I love our HUGE family that cares ... See ya ... xo

Dan Vencel
Game Admin

FaceBook Post TUE 2014-07-22


The reason this league was formed: like a daycare service, we are an adult night time service! It's a place for adults to be looked after, fun & games, be pampered, & a chance to interact with others to share with, to laugh with, & to conslole each other in their times of need. We have many choices of different chances we are offered in life, so come take a chance on 4Kings poker league - now open 7 nights a week. Please come & join us. Proud to be a director of such a great league! A special thanks to owner opperaters George & Melony Friend !!!!! Take a peak at our website!!!!! (Take a chance)

Like the owners' last name, we are the friendliest game around ... Ty, Dan

Play Texas Hold 'Em Poker for free!! Find a day and location convenient for you on the Locations/Schedules page (MAIN INDEX is located in the left panel). ALL are Welcome ... AND IT'S FREE to Play!!


Benefit Tourney
29 AUG @ VFW 247

For the sister of Kristin Hanzlik whose husband has recently passed away. She is raising three boys and could use the help with funeral and other expenses.

5|5|5 Tourney
5:00pm Start Time with one points session to follow.

Benefit Tourney
V.F.W. 25 July 2015

Benefit for V.F.W. Post 247

1/4 Paid Out, 1/4 to V.F.W., 1/4 to V.F.W. Volunteers, 1/4 towards Website Support
5:00pm Start Time
1 Session of Points Play follows.